Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have an awesome pop art portrait of your favourite icon hung up on your living-room wall? Wouldn’t they give you that little bit of extra inspiration and courage every single day?

They do for me. Right now I’m surrounded by pop art paintings of the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe, the amazing Ray Charles, Michael Jackson and many others. They inspire me. They always put a smile on my face and they make the house look pretty fantastic. Maybe I have too many, but hey I am the artist. After buying one pop art portrait, most of my former customers soon discovered that they wanted another. And then another. So as you wander into my online home of pop art paintings – think about this… if you could have a spectacular pop art painting of a hero or icon, who would it be? Below are some of my newest pop art paintings. They’re handpainted with acrylics on canvas, ready for your wall. Snap them up NOW before someone else does! Click on the pics you like best or contact me today to commission a pop art painting of anyone at all!


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